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All prices on the website include GST unless otherwise specified. All items are included in good faith on the basis that the products, as described, will be available at the time of sale. Failure by a supplier to deliver in accordance with sample, description, image or at all, may result in some product being unavailable.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure accuracy in this website, we reserve the right to change incorrect prices resulting from a printing, typographical, image or supplier error. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Prices are current at the time of publication, however Macmaintenance Computer Services reserves the right to alter pricing / specifications listed at any time. E&OE



The repair of your goods may result in the loss of data. Macmaintenance Computer Services is not liable for any loss of software, data stored, residing or recorded in your product. Including removable data, confidential personal or proprietary information. By providing your product under our terms and conditions you agree and accept that you have either (A) you have made a backup copy of your data and removed any confidential, proprietary or personal information or (B) You have assumed the risk that such information or media may be lost, corrupted or compromised during our repair or service. You further acknowledge and agree that iDropped It Repairs cannot guarantee the safety, security or integrity of any data that remains on your product while it is undergoing service or repair.

If any unit should be damaged or lost whilst in Macmaintenance Computer Services custody, Macmaintenance Computer Services' liability will be limited to the current second hand value of that device. The device’s worth will be decided by Macmaintenance Computer Services, taking into account for certain factors such as the aesthetic and functional condition of the device as a whole and also individually through its parts/components.

To the extent permitted by law Macmaintenance Computer Services cannot be found liable for any of the devices data loss, consequential damages, indirect, exemplary and loss of profits. Also to the extent permitted by law Macmaintenance Computer Services has no liability for the loss or damage of software applications and/or data.

Refund/return policy

  • Due to copyright issues, opened software cannot be returned. Please verify your system requirements prior to opening the packaging.

  • We will offer a credit or exchange (but not a refund) for any unopened goods returned within 14 days of purchase.

  • Goods returned after 14 days of purchase will only be accepted at the company’s discretion & may incur a 10% restocking fee.

  • No refunds except in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.



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